Humanism for the Masses

This website was originally for humanists in Massachusetts. We believe, however, that the torch needs to be taken up where it fell and now this website is for all humanists in not just America, but also the world. It is for the mass of humanists.

What is Humanism?

Humanism is a worldview that rejects religious interpretations of the world. Humanists believe that the truth about nature, evolution, biology etc. is to be found through the scientific method of experimentation and the formation of theories that can be verified by repeated experimentation.

Humanists do not agree that religion is needed to provide a moral or ethical framework for human behavior. Ethics can be derived from normative human relations; and humanists accept that through cultures and different times ethics have varied. Above all, humanists believe in compromise, democracy, non-violence and negotiation to solve political and inter-personal disputes. Although many humanists would describe themselves as ‘liberal’ there is no inherent political bias to humanism. It is as equally feasible to be a Republican and a humanist.

The focus of humanism might appear to be on science (indeed ‘scientific humanism’ is a recognized term); but humanism does not reject the arts. Indeed throughout history some of the most ardent supporters of humanism have been writers and other artists. Humanism believes in the value of human creativity.

Another common misconception about humanism is that it is speciesist - namely, that it values human live above animal life. This is wrong. In The Affirmations of Humanism (A Statement of Principles) it clearly states:

We want to protect and enhance the earth, to preserve it for future generations, and to avoid inflicting needless suffering on other species.


Protagoras claimed that ‘man is the measure of all things’. While many humanists no doubt respect the ancient Greek sophist, this statement does not represent humanism; rather it is probably an early formulation of the inherent subjectivity of human perception.

Is Humanism a Religion?

Humanism is not against religion. Humanists believe that people have the right to decide for themselves, and as long as they don’t impinge others to follow any religion they wish. Humanism is about enlightened tolerance, not bigotry.

The right wing in America has sought to pull a rabbit out of the hat by claiming that a world view that embraces rationalism, science, peace, debate and tolerance is somehow ‘religious’. People believe in humanism and therefore it is a religion is the general line of argument. Developing the argument these critics of humanism point out that humanism pervades schools and colleges in textbooks, lectures, teachers’ attitudes etc. Thus if humanism is a religion then it is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution but should also be banned from schools and colleges.

This is remarkable - Americans should not be taught critical thinking and science in schools because they are secretly been indoctrinated by ‘religious beliefs’. It is the religious right in America that makes this argument - and they want religion in schools, not out of schools!

The argument has been made in the courts: while some judges uphold this specious reasoning, others give it the contempt it deserves and throw it out of court.

Much of this intellectual sleight of hand is based around the semantics of the word ‘belief’. When a humanist says, ‘I believe the earth goes round the sun’ the word belief indicates that the humanist is going with the best available scientific theory and data and if new data arose to point to a different situation the humanist would be prepared to modify his or her ‘belief’. When a theist says, ‘I believe in God’ he or she is using belief to refer to an immutable fact that is backed up by faith or religious experience. It is by switching from one notion of ‘belief’ to another that anti-humanists can derive arguments to assert humanism is a religion. It is similar to creationists who deride evolution as ‘just a theory’.

The matter is sadly confused by humanists themselves who set up humanist churches and proclaim themselves humanist chaplains and the like. This is no doubt tolerated by the humanist community because tolerance is one of the core values of humanism.

Humanism for the Twenty-first Century

It is the duty of humanists across the globe to argue against intolerance and bigoted opinions whether they are religious in nature or not. It is also the duty of humanists to clarify the issues concerning belief, fact, theory and religion to show that humanism is not necessarily antagonistic to religion but is diametrically opposite to religion.

Another challenge for humanism in the present century is to embrace the lessons of environmentalism and find ways to strengthen the ties between the humanist movement and the environmental movement. Perhaps this might be achieved by stressing that natural resources, bio-diversity, the ozone layer etc. have more than a mere instrumental value for humans. Indeed, science is showing that humans are not so special. Very few genes separate humans from chimps. The intellectual scope of humanism must be enlarged to accept and explore these scientific discoveries.

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Consider using a solar oven to bake with. A solar oven can be made by using an old window, a box and for reflection, a piece of foil. They don’t use any outside energy and can get up to 300 degrees.

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Using a Discount Voucher Code

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One of the great things we can do as humans is to give to those in need.  Using a compound interest calculator we can see that even a modest endowment to a worthy charity can grow quite substantially.

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Internet, a Champion of Humanism

Posted July 10th, 2012

The adaptation of internet as an indispensable office supply hardly needs an introduction. However, as technology advanced, internet strengthened its reach, to become a quintessential necessity of modern day urbanites. Amidst all the roles played by this multifaceted tool, one that is most notable is its promotion of the cause of humanism. The platform of internet has shielded many causes from dying a quick death in the memory of the general public. This is mainly because of the convenience provided by it in spreading information.  Thanks to internet, information is always just a click away from people.

•One cannot run out of causes that need not only attention but a strategic plan of action that yields the desired results. The cause of humanism is a greatly revered one, something that has the potential of attracting teeming millions. Sadly though, more often than not, people have no clue about how to harness this dedication into a powerful movement that addresses the cause effectively.

•It is not as if the cause of humanism doesn’t have any takers. The recent example of Occupy Wall Street against corporate greed, aptly describes the reverence felt by people for humanitarian causes. Further, what is surprising is the fact that the mass movement that literally shook the very foundation of Wall Street, used internet as an advertising medium. The main problem with the movements embracing humanitarian causes is that they lack a planned approach, with the result that they fizzle out no sooner than they begin. They are kicked off with a lot of fan fare only to lose its steam later.

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A Free Internet for All

Posted May 30th, 2012

The internet has changed and I don’t mean in a good way.  Sure there are now loads more quality sites, tons of fantastic applications and media shows streamed online than there used to be.  However as the technology and the investment have poured into these sites so has the censorship and filtering.

From a commercial level, providers like the BBC, Hulu, Pandora and NBC have produced some truly stunning web sites – however they have also decided to block access to the majority of the world.  It used to be true that you could upload a web site and it was accessible to all, it didn’t matter if you were in a cyber cafe in Nepal or an apartment in New York.  The web was the same for everyone, we were all equal and accessed the same thing.

But the filtering was not just done on a money making commercial premise.  We have seen the power of the internet in the Arab Spring uprisings and dictators and undemocratic governments are scared.  You’ll find across the world – Nations are increasingly controlling the internet feeds into their countries.  From China, Iran to Thailand and across the Middle East – sites are being blocked and censored.  In Turkey hundred of sites are not accessible on religious or political grounds.  Even countries like Australia are putting in measure to block content they deem inappropriate.

Of course  there are some nasty, evil stuff on the internet – but more effort seems to be made to block rather than catch and arrest the people behind these sites.  The reality is that all filtering does is create two tiers those who know how to bypass the blocks and those who don’t.   The internet is full of demonstrations on how you can use technology to sidestep these filters – check out some of the posts on this site for example -

You’ll see how easy it is to use systems to keep your internet conenction secure, private and at the same time bypass all these stupid filters.  Of course the systems usually cost money to use, so although not expensive for poorer countries it can be too much. 



Think Big – Modernizing the World

Posted May 29th, 2012

The world has everything we need. It is our part as human beings to use these natural resources to good use. For us to be able to survive this world, we need to be a lot wiser, hard worker, creative and innovative but most especially big dreamers.

It is our part to contribute to the modernization of our society. We are responsible for thinking of new ways to improve life. We are the ones to do all the work. We are the ones responsible for our own successes. There is a saying that goes like this, “As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big”. This statement is definitely true. For more wise and motivational quotes from famous people, click here. If you want to have a better life, then start renovating your life. You will be thinking about ways to be more of this, to have more of that, so might as well think really big. Think outside of the box. That is how you succeed. In fact, that is how most people achieved success. 

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Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do this or that. If you think you can do it, never hesitate. Think big and dream big. Contribute to modernizing the world. In this way, our world would be a better place to live in; with everything that we need and continuous developments.



Every one of us desires to have more in our lives. It is simply a part of our human nature to want something more, to dream something bigger, to desire a better status in life, and so on.

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Anti Humanism In Indian Culture

Posted May 22nd, 2012

So I’m a woman of Indian origin. Yes, I hail from the hottest developing country from the East. India – a country which is full of contradictions, we are willing to allow a 118 storey building to come up at the heart of a hustling and bustling over search engine marketing whittier crowded metropolitan which is so obviously heading towards self destruction but we do not allow women to do what they want to do with their own body – case in point the aversion towards hair removal, the Brazilian way I mean. How does this affect my choice of how I want to live and who I want to be in the United States of America? I’ll tell you. I’m now 26 years old and as is customary in people from my community in India, I’m supposed to work towards impressing a suitable groom as selected by my parents. We call it arranged marriage, I call it anti humanism. Can we all educate orthodox modern Indians ( see the oxymoron?) on humanism? Live and let live in a gist.

Anyway, I don’t want to hurt my parents its a whole gratitude thing, I need to do what they want me to do. So I dress up and I meet these men and I talk to them about marriage. On one such date (my mother would flip if she found out I was calling it a date)but here I am in the “States”, the free country, and I’m sitting across the table with this over achieving Indian brat and he tries to initiate footsie with me. He compliments me on my smooth skin and tells me that I “don’t come across as a typical Indian girl”. Now don’t get me wrong, we all have a right to choose our own religion and live life the way we want to without really putting anyone else down or turning towards bigotry but some women from my country actually would’ve taken this as a compliment. Obviously this guy seemed to be okay with hair removal. It’s not that women in my country and I come from Bombay, I know for a fact that women do resort to a lot of hair removal products and techniques over there such as those which you read about in various tria hair removal reviews and thank God for that! Imagine with the humid weather and the not so perfect blessing of body hair, we would literally be walking and talking faux pas. So hair removal isn’t unheard of in a country with the maximum number of religious faiths all living and co existing in the humanism friendly environment. Almost. Humanism all around us but it’s not yet in our minds. To cut a long story short, he was shocked when he found out I was into Brazilian waxing for hair removal down there. He gave me a long lecture about religion and faith and women and Gods.

To all women out there – PLEASE, you have a right to be who you want to be and do as you please with your body. Hair removal is sexy and you should definitely do it to feel good and feel confident.

Lately, humanism has developed quite a following in the state of Massachusetts. The state has been in the news recently as presidential candidate Mitt Romney was the governor. Romney, of course, is not a humanist. However, that didn’t stop some of us from voting for him. Although the state chapter is sizable, it does not involve itself in politics. We are not making an official endorsement. 

Now speaking of humanism, some early American thought leaders were intellectually influenced by the school. One such person was Thomas Paine, who labeled himself a theophilanthropist. Paine was heavily influenced by Voltaire. Voltaire, in turn, was a writer during the Enlightenment.  He was noted for his writings in the areas of history, poetry, and prose. One may recall that in the movie Swingers, Mikey ordered the “Pancakes in the Age of Enlightenment.” Most people don’t really get that joke. It’s actually not a very good joke at all. Basically, the menu said “Breakfast Anytime” so he was saying he’d like the pancakes today. 

Historically, humanists have closely studied Latin literacy texts. If you know the language and are able to read the original texts, you will be quite impressed by their insight. It’s known that the Romans used recreational drugs sometimes and cannibis use was part of the culture. Back then they could only use the substance through combustion; vaporizers were not available yet. Fortunately these days, there are many different models of vaporizers available. recommends reading some vaporizer reviews before deciding which one to get.  


Speaking of the ancient Romans, you may recall the movie Gladiator starring Russell Crowe. That took place in ancient Rome. Crowe played the Roman General Maximus Decimus Meridius, who was temporarily reduced to becoming a slave. Eventually he regains his freedome through his gladatorial skills and makes his way back to polite society. The movie won 5 Academy Awards, so one might say the Oscars were “crowing” about it.  


What exactly is Humanism?

Posted May 8th, 2012

Not all of us here know about humanism. Yet we heard about the term but we only comes into the perception that it is a religious system but don’t know what really is. It was declared so by the Supreme Court in 1961. Julian Huxley who lived from 1887-1975 once predicted that it would be the ultimate religion of the world in the near future. Humanism is everywhere in our public schools, and because it’s a religion, it’s fair to say that our public schools are institutions that indoctrinate our kids into a certain religion. While this is generally true, not everyone within the framework of the public school system is promoting its teachings. One thing we all should consider is that our tax dollars are being spent to support this program. Therefore we make sure our voice is heard by voting in Godly people, also making sure that our voices are heard when decisions are made about your local school’s curriculum.
What are some of the doctrines of this religion? The fact is Humanism is anti-supernatural. One of the best summaries of this doctrine of Humanism is the Humanist Manifesto II. It states, “We find insufficient evidence for belief in the existence of a supernatural. It is either meaningless or irrelevant to the question of the survival and fulfillment of the human race. As no theists we begin with humans not God, nature not Divinity.” James Hitchcock in his book “What is Secular Humanism?” says this of them. “They promote a way of life that systematically excludes God and all religion in the traditional sense. Man for better or worse on his own in the universe. Man marks the highest point to which nature has yet evolved. He must rely entirely on his own resources.” One of the best new works in humanism is from Global Humanism and is called drejebænk which describes an african family who moves to england. Metal Drejebænk starts out by explaining the various problems the family is facing, learning a new language and culture and dealing with the many problems the white people in the nabourhood are giving them until one day the youngest son saves a white boy from a fire and suddenly everything changes for the family. Metal Drejebænk put humanism in a whole new term and is actually a quite interresting piece of work as you can see from the many reviews here at Metal Drejebænk and maybe give it a try yourself while you are at it.
Notice the phrase Hitchcock uses, “way of life.” You see from the moment that they get up until the moment they go to bed, Humanism affects everything. Their denial of God affects everything. It affects the words that they speak to other people. It affects their behavior. It affects their morality, or lack thereof. It effects how they interact with the world. You see, their way of life is governed by their claim that there is no God. Paul Kurtz wrote a book titled, “The Forbidden Fruit: The Ethics of Humanism.” In it he states the theist’s (Christian’s) world is only a dream world. It’s a feeble escape into a future that will never come. Promises of immortal salvation or fear eternal damnation are both illusions and harmful. They distract humans from present concerns, from self-actualization, and from rectifying social injustices. There’s no credible evidence that life survives the death of the body.”
Additionally, Humanist Chris Brockman wrote a book called “What About Gods?” It says this. “We no longer need Gods to explain how things happened. By careful thinking, measuring, and testing we have discovered many of the real causes of things and we are discovering more all the time. We call this thinking.” What is the implication with Brockman’s statement? The implication is that Christians don’t think. Those Creationists guys are a bunch of losers. They are holding on to old superstitions.

Science and Humanism

Posted April 24th, 2012

It is often the case that as the scientific method becomes more widely used in a country or region so the religious fervor of the area declines. In the Middle Ages progress was stifled by hundreds of years in Europe because the church persecuted as heretics anyone who questioned orthodox views on nature and the natural world. Moreover, until the invention of the prinitng press it was the monks that copied books; and only those books that they deemed suitable.

The Renaissance changed everything. It coincided with the invention of the printing press. Suddenly many important ancient Greek texts were found and that started a great flourishing in all fields of human endeavour. People like Copernicus introduced the notion of the scientific method whereby phenomena is observed, data recorded and a theory that conforms with the data is formulated that must be testable.

It was the scientific method that was to lead to Darwin in 1859 publishing his epoch changing On the Origin of Species. We all know the theory of evolution and how it led to a radically different explanation of how man and the animals came into being from the one found in Genesis. It was from this point that many Victorians lost their faith and sought new ideals to base their ethics upon. One such ideal was humanism – a belief in the value and essential goodness of mankind. A belief that man is capable of his own salvation.

This belief in humanism was greatly helped by the Industrial Revolution happening at the same time. Suddenly it did seem that man was master of nature and trains and early motorcars and better agriculture were evidence of such a belief.

This belief only grew stronger in the Twentieth Century – man landed on the moon, EDM technology, vaccines, heart transplants, computers, telephones, television, the internet reinforced man’s ingenuity and ability to use the scientific method to make life more comfortable and to discover more about the universe.

The only sour note has recently been felt with the 9/11 attacks on New York. Fundamental Islam is on the increase and religious wars have become a part of the present geo-political climate. Despite the advances science and humanism has made religion won’t go away. Indeed some humanists want to belong to a ’church’ and be preached at by humanist priests!

Gunsmithing and Humanism?

Posted April 23rd, 2012

You might initially be surprised to see a post about gunsmithing on a site devoted to humanism and environmentalism.  After all, don’t guns create more problems than they solve?

That all depends, really, on your view of humanism.  My belief is that humanism can teach people about the correct way to use tools in their lives, guns included, to make the world a better place.

Back to my gunsmithing example, if people knew about the art of gunsmithing, I believe that guns would be viewed differently.  Instead of being viewed as a tool for bloodshed and destruction, guns would be viewed as an art form; they would be seen as beautiful, handcrafted pieces of art that serve an important purpose in our history.  I truly believe that what is necessary for great change in our world is not a complete shift of the resources we have available, but instead a mental shift in the way that we view those resources.

Charity Wine Auctions

Posted April 13th, 2012

I recently attended a charity event which was put on by a wine company to help a local school.  The setup was fairly simple, we all paid a small fee for a ticket ($20 each) which supplied us with some hand passed appetizers fo the evening as well as a wine glass to take home. We were also entered to win one of the wine gift baskets that were also available for sale.

The wine company (that I probably shouldn’t name here!) had brought 6 different wineries to the event, each winery had its own table. At each table we were allowed to taste the wines they were offering for sale and then purchase them at the end of the night.  Some of the wineries had enough wine with them that we could take them home and others had to deliver them to us at a later date.  The cool part was that 20% of all sales went back to our school.  As I told my wife, we buy a lot of wine already so it isn’t like we’re even spending extra money, we’re just changing where the money is going.

In any case, our school said they raised over 40k that evening, which paid for some badly needed replacement text books as well as a wall of new computers in the school library.  Like I said, given that we all buy wine already-why shouldn’t we buy some from a company which is going to support our school, especially in these times of terrible budgets?

Keeping Fit and Humanism

Posted October 15th, 2012
I was introduced to the concept of humanism several years ago by high school friends of mine whom I reconnected with during a reunion.  Now, I had heard of humanism before but I basically disregarded the concept because I just had no interest in learning more about it. But when I got together with my friends from high school and got to see firsthand the positive changes brought about by their belief in humanism, I was intrigued, to say the least. I could see how happy my friends were and there was a certain sense of contentment emanating from them. It was something I didn’t have and I was very eager to experience it. So, I decided to learn more about humanism and invited a few other friends to start learning about it with me. 
We began meeting regularly, at least once a week in order to discuss humanist topics and exchange ideas regarding how we can practice humanism in our day to day lives. I found it amazing how discovering humanism could open you up to all the little things you could do in your daily life in order to make the world a better place. By adopting humanism, I became more conscious of how I treated other people, animals, and the environment. I became more aware of how everything in nature is interconnected and how the things that I do everyday could impact the kind of life my future children will have. As I was browsing the internet one day, I came across some p90x reviews and suddenly a light bulb lit up inside my head. Again, I realized how everything is interconnected. I realized that in order to continue upholding humanism, I needed to be in perfect health.
I brought this up during one of our regular meetings and my friends echoed the realization that I had. Ensuring that one is in good health is important when trying to make the world a better place. It’s actually pretty obvious when you think about it, because how can you expect to help the world when you yourself need help because you are sick and unhealthy? So, aside from our regular meetings, we also decided to start working out together in order to motivate each other to remain fit and healthy. A website that we found extremely useful for this purpose can be found right here.

The Useful Tools For You

Posted September 25th, 2012

Air Kompressor Værktøj tools are becoming more popular, while energy tools are dropping. With the reputation of the værktøj has come a decrease in price that creates them cheaper for both companies and property owners. Electric resources, which have a motor designed in, think about much more than air compressor resources. Air resources can m

Charity and Health Care

Posted September 20th, 2012

I was talking to my Austin Chiropractor a few weeks ago when he mentioned that he was taking the five hour drive to Mexico for the weekend.  I asked him where he was staying and why he was going, especting to hear about some amazing deer hunting, lake fishing, or beach spot to eat Lobster.

Instead we got into a discussion about humanism.  He spends time in Mexico, helping to give free chiropractic care to those who really need it.  I didn’t realize that certain life long problems can be cured with almost basic chiropractic care.  A good example is Scoliosis, which can be debiliatating over time, unless you receive care.  Given that Northern Mexico has less than 100 trained and licensed chiropractors for every one million residents, I think it is pretty easy to see that getting those people some help is a worthy cause.

Mr Eric Pickles – You’ve Got it Wrong

Posted September 14th, 2012

Mr Eric Pickles is right about a lot of things however I’m afraid I’d disagree with his last statements printed in the Daily telegraph.  Just for information, Mr Pickles is a secretary for state in the British Government – recognisable by being rather overweight.  The statements were regarding his belief that Britain is a Christian country and we should recognise that freedom of religion has been undermined by aggressive secularism particularly in the public sector.

I think the main reason I disagree is because he’s simply wrong, the proportion of the British people who are practising Christains isvery small – it’s certainly no where near a majority in any sense of the word.  In fact the latest survey shows that more than 50% of the population sees itself as non-religious.  the evidence is all around not withstanding a quick look in a church on a Sunday morning.

I can count on the fingers of one hand my friends who are religious and experiences show that they are not a atheist skewed sample either. I recently picked up my kids from Boy Scouts and at the end of the session the scout master does a few prayers.  All the scouts bow their heads of course and pray along – but I looked at the assembled parents waiting and not a single one joined in or even bowed their heads.

For a minister to try and force his Christian beliefs on us and our public sector is not Mr Pickles job.  Religious groups and leaders have way to much say in all factors of our society based on their actual followings. Some of us value reason and evidence in our public sector and we certainly expect fairness and a secularist outlook in our politicians whatever their personal beliefs.

If you would like to see more from the interview with Mr Pickles you can see clips on the BBC website for a little while longer.  For those of you who are fortunate enough to live outside the UK in a place where the sun shines occasionally then you’ll need to use something to hide your IP address.  This web site shows how to watch the BBC Iplayer from abroad, it’s quick and easy to use although unfortunately does require some investment.


Are Humanism and Atheism the Same?

Posted September 9th, 2012

Humanism is being misinterpreted or misunderstood by many people most of the time. This is because the scope of humanism is so broad that its definitions vary. That is why most people would easily equate Humanism to Atheism, which is not always the case. Let’s take a look at the differences between these two philosophies.


Humanism is defined as an intellectual approach that considers humanity more important than anything else, particularly divine matters. This philosophy is all about the purpose of life, the maximization of individual developments as well as the society, the worth of every human being and the full use of human intellect, skills and even resources. Visit to learn more about Humanism. Atheism on the other hand is the philosophy that rejects all divine beings and religious beliefs. Simply put, Atheism is the rejection of the existence of God. So does this mean that Humanists are also Atheists? Well, that really depends on the person. Humanists don’t necessary reject religion. In fact, they are open to the idea that other people have and believe in a God. There are even humanists who are actually involved in a religion; although they don’t consider themselves as devoted followers or holy whatsoever. Humanists simply believe that we human beings are on our own here on this world. They believe that even if there is really a God, He or She has nothing to do with what we are, what we can do, what we want to believe or what we can accomplish if life. Say for example you want to lose weight. To accomplish your goal, you need to do everything; do exercises, eat healthy food, follow strict diet programs and so on. This is very achievable; just take a look at this site: The point is, humanism is all about the improving life by doing what needs to be done.

Humanists believe that we are responsible for our own lives and that a God is not there to make things better. Atheists on the other hand completely don’t believe in the existence or even the goodness of God. Atheists also believe that there is no such thing as a heaven or a hell. Atheists also don’t acknowledge the credits given to God for all the good things that are happening in the whole world. In short, atheists do not recognize that there is somebody up there who is responsible for our lives.

However, this does not necessary make atheists as bad people. They simple don’t believe that there is God, that’s all. When it comes to religion, humanists are easier to converse with compared to atheists. This is because humanists respect the right of other people to believe in a God. Atheists would not accept any arguments regarding God. They would simply get ridiculed with the idea of God. So that answers the question “Are humanists also atheists?” It is not always the case, but it is very possible.

If you’re a hard-working person, you may not give much thought to fashion. But other people notice what you’re wearing, even if you don’t. Therefore, you need to start paying attention to what you look like when you leave the house. Don’t know what to wear? Keep reading for some fashion tips and Tegl Tag that you can use anytime. When you are shipping for a new outfit, avoid purchasing clothes that aren’t flattering, even if they are in style. Take a few friends along with you on your shopping trip, and try on a few outfits before you purchase anything. The same advice works for shoes; even if they are the perfect match for your outfit, take a walk in them first to make sure they are comfortable. Do not wear your hair too dark if you have lighter skin and/or lighter eyes. While darker hair looks nice on people that have darker eyes and skin tones, it will only make you look washed out. If you must darken your hair, put some streaks in it in order to brighten them up.





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Wine and Religion Every Sunday

Posted August 19th, 2012

Wine is one of the few alcoholic beverages which has a history which predates any of our major religions.  Perhaps it is that long history of alcohol which helped make the drink so ingrained in human culture that new religions couldn’t think of deleting it from what they do on a regular basis.  Perhaps it’s something else altogether, but all I know if that religion is steeped in history, some of it revolving around wine.  As an example, the guy who owns my wine of the month club is Catholic.  He mentioned that not only was Jesus’ first miracle turning water in wine (a good trick to impress people to be sure) but also that the blood of Jesus is shown as wine in Sunday Eucharist.  That’s a lot of history and makes me think how other relgions either acept alcohol, or dismiss it completely.  It’s an interesting discussion because of the dichotomy of the history of alcohol in the church as well as the hundreds of thousands of people who abuse alcohol daily.

Where do you stand?

What About Faith Schools?

Posted August 10th, 2012

Wel lto be honest I really hate faith based schools despite what many people think.  Governments seem to think the more Faith based schools we have the better.  I do confess that there are quite a few near me who have a very decent reputation for delivering very good results. However it should also be remembered that any school which is selective can achieve decent results.

Think about it, many faith schools interview both children and parents.  You’re not going to get the huge number of ’laissez faire’ parents in this situation.  In my vicinity I know at least three families pretending to be religious so that they can get their kids into popular faith based schools.  Any where that can be this selective is bound to achieve better results – the school wil be getting well behaved kids from motivated parents.

But always remember that their is an agenda with a faith school.  The Church of any religion know that their very basis of survival depends upon attracting new converts.  That’s what it boils down to for me – these schools exist to convert children to specific religions.  They will teach most subjects impartially but there are obviously problems with some beliefs.

It’s impossible to tie up creationism with known facts of the world ye there are Faith schools that teach this stuff.  I’m all for religious education but it should include all religions not just the powerful sponsers.  RE is a fascinating subject when taught with a historical bent – there are heaps of stories about saints like St John the Evangelist which are fascinating when explained objectionally.

Who are the Real Humanists?

Posted August 8th, 2012

Religion is very problematic, just like hair. We all have certain body hairs that are really stubborn and unnecessary. They even grow up the next day even if we only shaved yesterday. There are so many unproven things that religious people believe in. Some of these religious people would even go far in defending their religious affiliations by calling non-believers as “sent by the devil” or “Satan’s ally”. What these religious people need is a “hair removal” device. Hair removal devices eliminate unwanted hair, they keep the skin silky smooth, they protect the skin from the heat of the sun and they make a person more beautiful and confident. So hair removal devices basically offer good things. Read Tria Laser Hair Removal reviews to learn more about this amazing invention.

The “hair removal” that religious people need is Humanism. More and more people are now switching from a certain religious affiliation to Humanism. Some were ex-Christians; others were Muslims, Jews and others. Humanism is becoming more acceptable in our society today. People are now more open to the idea that religion is not everything. Humanists are even open to the reality that there are people who prefer having a religion.

But who really are the real humanists? Or what are the beliefs or qualities that make a humanist a “real” and devoted humanist? Here are some of the things that a real humanist believes in.

1. A real humanist believes that we only live once. There is no second life and there is no afterlife. Our lives depend on how we make it. If we want to live our lives to the fullest, then it is our choice. If we need to accomplish goals, then we must be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve them. Human beings are responsible for their own lives, whether we make it good or just wait for it to become good.

2. A real humanist does not believe in God. A humanist doesn’t believe that there is a God who makes our lives easy, comfortable or even horrible. Although a real humanist may not believe in God, he or she respects the rights of others to believe in a God or have a religion.

3. A real humanist may not believe in God or religion, but he/she strongly believes that people should be nice to each other. Humanists also believe that people should help one another, make life better, contribute to the community and promote peace. Humanists believe that when people work together, things would be a lot easier.

4. A real humanist has an open mind. He or she considers both the right and wrong point of views of other people. He or she is proud for what she really is and he/she will do anything to make his/her life. A real humanist is not afraid to voice out his concerns or thoughts, but he is also respectful of what others have to say or think.

5. A real humanist believes in the present and in the future. If he wants to improve his/her life, then now is the right time. He or she believes that your past does not necessary define your future. There are always room for improvements. All of us have all the chances to prove our worth.

Visit this website to learn how to become a good humanist.

What is green energy and how can it help the human race in general? well basicly it is a way to power our vehicles, electronics and other items, without hurting the environment in the process. This article will outline some tips and tricks on how to harness the power you need for everyday activities, without hurting the planet in the process. Keep passive Solceller energy in mind when building or remodeling a home. Passive solar homes collect sunlight through specially-designed roofs, walls, windows, and flooring. Passive solar energy ranges from having windows angled to collect southern sun exposure to homes that are heated entirely with the use of the sun. Look up different websites and see what green technology is available that you can purchase. You can find things like batteries that run off of solar energy or items for your household that run off of Solceller energy. You’d be surprised at just how advanced folks have become with green technology these days and hopefully more and more companies will switch to green energi to help save the enviroment and in the long run the human race.

If you live in an area where the exposure to the sun and wind is not very important, you should get a hybrid electricity system. This system will rely on wind or solar energy depending on the season or the time of day. You will also benefit from the security of a generator in case there is no sun or wind. If you have a swimming pool, you can save a lot of money by using solar energy to heat the water. Solceller heating systems are not more expensive than other solutions and are easier to maintain. These systems also work for your outdoor hot tub. This is probably the best use of solar power. One way to help with reducing energy is by using solar panels in your home. Solar energy harnesses the power from the sun which is then used to provide energy to things like getting hot water, drying clothes and keeping your home warm during the winter. Solceller energy is also pollution free and helps to lower the carbon footprint along with other greenhouse gases and terrible emissions.

Support your local green energy providers by purchasing energy from them. You can check online to see if any of your local energy providers sell wind, hydro, or solar energy. By switching from the standard energy, you will send a message to your provider; you prefer cleaner energy. You will also be support the development of green energy in your area. Green energy does not have to be high tech. There are plenty of low-tech practices you can employ in your home that utilize green energy. Use the passive solar energy in your home for heating and cooling. Knowing when to let the sun shine and and when to block it out and save you hundreds of dollars a year on your utilities and solceller. Now it’s up to you to take what you’ve learned here and put it to use. Keep these tips handy and continue to seek out more information. Soon, you’ll be able to run everything you need, from the washing machine to your car, in an environmentally responsible manner and that will feel great!

Changing For the Better

Posted July 19th, 2012

We all want a better life. We all desire a close-to-perfection kind of life. One of our main goals in life is to have a more convenient way of living. A life that is easy, a life that has everything we need. We all want to dwell in somewhere like the Garden of Eden, only a more modern one. 

There are a lot of inventions these days. If you frequently watch Discovery Channel or the like, you’ll realize that there are new inventions every now and then. We have the most modern smartphones, the best home appliances, the most high-tech rides and many more. These innovations may differ in a lot of ways, but they have one main purpose; and that is to make life better. These inventions are there to make life a lot easier. Who wouldn’t want a more convenient life, right? But the inventions don’t stop there. In fact, man still continues to find ways to make life even better than what it is already.

Man did not stop when he invented the first television. Man did not stop when he built the first car. Man did not stop when he created the first mobile phone. Man never stopped; in fact he even went further. All these developments are because of man’s desire for a better life. These changes are all part of the betterment of life. Without these changes, we would still be on the telephone era. If man was satisfied with the CRT Television, we wouldn’t have the flat screens or LCD TVs right now. If man was contented with the first inventions, then we wouldn’t have all of the best gadgets/equipment right now.

Even up to this very day, the latest and newest technologies are also constantly being developed. We have new cellphones, new beauty products such as this year’s break through home hair removal kit which you can read about in these no no hair removal reviews. The reason new technologies are being developed all the time is because man wants and certainly needs changes. Changes that would make life even better. Changes that wouldn’t only benefit the present generation, but also the future generations as well.

Failure and Success

Posted July 18th, 2012


They say that failure comes first before success. An individual needs to experience defeat first before he can enjoy being successful. We can all agree that success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of time to achieve a certain goal. We need to work ready hard in order to have a good life.


The good thing about us is that we don’t easily give up. We will do anything in our capabilities to achieve the goals we have. If we fail on the first try, on the second try or on the nth try, that won’t still be enough reason to give everything up. If we want to achieve something, we need to have a lot of perseverance, do a lot hard work and be very dedicated in what we are doing. Just like in losing weight. If you read the comments left at the bottom of this insanity workout review, you will learn that people still need to do their very best and not only rely on the equipment. Yes, there are means to do things easily, but it should not be a reason to be irresponsible.

If you often experience failure, then maybe you are not giving your all. Try do give your best and you’ll see the difference. Most of the successful famous people did a lot of things before they achieved their successes. Most of them even had the worst times in their lives. But those did not stop them from fulfilling their goals. Read about the most inspirational success stories here.

If we want to achieve something good like success, we need to be very meticulous in whatever we are doing. There is a time for work and for play time.  There is time for other things, but work should just be work. We can still have fun while doing the most important things in life.

Life is what we make it. If you don’t do anything, then expect nothing. If you do your best to fulfill your dreams, then you will definitely be rewarded. Failure may just be that one step before you can experience success. Never give up. Never surrender. And never let anybody tell you that you can’t do this or that. You know your capabilities. You are your own master!



Charity and Cheap Wine

Posted July 15th, 2012

I became a member of a cheap wine club the other night in a rather unusual way. I attended a charity event for my son’s school.

Part of our ticket price included a brief, three pour wine tasting.  Of course, if you bought any additional pours during the event, or paid for a few bottles to take home, then the wine club made a donation back to the school.

I’m not the biggest wine drinker in the world, but giving 20% of my purchase back to the school was a nice gesture to be sure.  I already spend $150 a month or so on wine, why not let some of that money go back towards my son if I spent it either way?

Freeing up the Internet

Posted July 10th, 2012

There was a time when the internet was a little like the Wild West.  Largely unfettered, it was unruly, confusing but most of all great fun.  In the early 90s you would probably have a wide variety of different applications needed to find information not just your browser.   We had Archie, Gopher, Telnet and Free agent all for finding files, accessing newsgroups and accessing bulletin boards.  There was no doubt stuff was harder to find but you rarely found yourself locked out of anywhere.

Nowadays it’s changed rather, we are forever being blocked or filtered when using the internet.  Of course if you live in a country like Iran or some of the Middle East countries it would come as no great surprise to find yourself being blocked.  The internet is much, much smaller in those countries and you’ll find getting a warning page instead of the site you requested an everyday occurence.


In general the worst the record on democracy and free speech – the smaller the internet will be in  that particular country.  Needless to say I wouldn’t bother surfing the world wide web in North Korea cause you won’t find it. 

But it’s not just despotic and backward leaders which are filtering access.  For example did you know that you are unable to watch the wonderful BBC Iplayer if you’re outside the United Kingdom.   It’s blocked based on  your country although it is quite easy to bypass – check this page out whcih explains how to use proxies and VPNs based in the UK to watch the BBC -

The page explains how people are using these programs to again bypass all these filters and make the internet a freer place again.  I’m not sure about you but I’d rather make my own decisions on what I should be allowed to do online.  If it’s illegal then fine arrest me – if not then stop blocking, filtering and snooping on me when I’m online !!


The Quest for Perfection

Posted June 26th, 2012

Man has always wanted perfection ever since the beginning of time. From the ancient years to the present time, the quest for perfection is still one of man’s goals. With so many developments already, man is still not satisfied. He still wants to do more ambitious things. Send man to the moon? Done that. Wireless communication system? Almost perfect. Exploring the universe? Still exploring. These are just some of the things that man has already done, yet they still need to be developed. We have made so many inventions already, but that doesn’t mean man should stop there. 

Speaking of developments, there are so many things that man have done already.  We have made our gadgets smaller. We have made our vehicles faster and more efficient. We have improved our buildings. These are great accomplishments yet we still want more. We still have to improve this amazing inventions and innovations. 

Is the quest for perfection or development a good or bad thing? It can be both. Development is a good thing. People will benefit from the technological developments. The bad part of development is the irresponsibility of man. We may have these improvements in life, but we are not taking care of our resources. We strive to make life more and more comfortable but we don’t focus on preserving our natural resources. As human beings, we have the responsibility to protect the interest of the future generations. We may have the greatest developments, but if we don’t take good care of what resources we have right now, then what will the future use? What will our grandchildren have? 

We can have all the technological advancements we want but it is also our job to make our world a better place for everybody. I have read in the latest tria laser hair removal reviews that Tria beauty currently makes the best hair removal device on the market today. So I thought, if a company has the capability to create a very effective device, then it can also do something to take care of its resources. This should be one of the main goals of any corporation out there. To be able to contribute to technological advancements and at the same time to contribute to the betterment of our planet. Betterment in a sense that it can be new again. Protect our mother earth and it will protect and provide for us. Humanism may be all about man’s contribution to the world, but without natural resources these contributions will be worthless. For the news and information about how we can help out Mother Earth, visit

Do your part. Be a responsible human being.













Wine in Ritual

Posted June 15th, 2012

I think anyone who has ever been to a church service at a Christian church knows that wine plays a role in a number of Biblical stories as well as rituals.  One of Jesus’ first miracles was turning water into wine as well.

That background should help to show why this site giving out wine gifts delivered chooses to give a percentage of their sales to a charity of your choice.  In the tradition of the church, they give to help the poor.  That’s a good thing isn’t it?

Magic, Science and Humanism

Posted May 29th, 2012

The religious point of view is perhaps the oldest perception humanity has of the world and its workings. We started out a virtual blank sheet – knowing nothing but what was nutritious, thirst quenching and how to procreate. As we ventured further into knowledge and leanrt to use tools, make fire, understand symbols we moved away from ignorance. Still there was a lot that could not be explained, especially with a rudimentary language. Religion filled in the gaps – it explained genesis, purpose, the movement of the seasons. Art in cave paintings shows how early man looked for luck and tried to propitate the gods with drawings of animals they wanted to kill for food and furs.

You can follow any strain of scientific knowledge and how it leads to man controlling his environment more and believing in supernatural entities less. Take carbon for instance. Petroleum was used ot build the walls of Babylon. Charcoal was used by the ancient Egyptians as fuel and as medicine. And then there was the Dark Ages where religion ruled and education was limited. Not until 1375 when the first diamond cutters guild was formed does any carbon related advances occur. In 1560 the pencil was invented.

In the Eighteenth Century scientific enquiry was flourishing thanks to the earlier enlightenment. It was during this time that it was discovered that diamond and graphite were forms of carbon.

During the industrial revolution carbon was at the heart of all progress. It was coal that provided the fuel for early locomotion. Carbon based fuels improved along with engines. Designers and engineers were suddenly in demand to find new ways to harness the power from carbon.

And the story of carbon goes forward to the Twenty-first Century where we stand on the verge of a breakthrough in nanotechnology – a technology largely engendered through the discovery of the C60 round molecule.

While religion hasn’t gone away it is more threatened by ever by the progress of science and technology. The gaps where divinity can inhabit are getting smaller and smaller. The rationale for being religious is becoming more and more reliant on the catch-all nature of ’belief’. When we solve the carbon emissions problem and the end of the world doesn’t arrive it will be another blow for superstition.

Wine and It’s Influence on Society

Posted May 16th, 2012

I’m a member of a few wine clubs and after taking a trip to Europe, which admittedly was largely inspired by the wines I drink on a regular basis, I stopped to think that that type of cultural exchange is probably pretty common in the wine industry.  While the wine industry is based largely in California, you meet an incredible amount of people who are either from, or have lived in, Europe for some time.  For those of us who consider ourselves humanists, that cultural exchange is one really good aspect of the wine industry.